Prestolite Starter 1391012A

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24V, 15kW S152-Serie, insulated return, 11 teeth, CW, oil sealed, wet-clutch. Liebherr, MTU

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Parts Breakdown S 152 Starter motor

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Weight33.5 kg

0001621029, 1391002, 1391006, 1391008, 1391009, 1391010A, S1522410, S152242, S152247, S152248, S152249A, X52417200006, PRL1391002, X00002307, X002307, X52417200007, 701121, 5000138613, 636652, 1391010, 1391012A 1391012, S152-24-13, X52417200069, 11133128, S152-24-10, S152-24-2, S152-24-7, S152-24-8, S152-24-9A, 1391010A

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