Starter, 12V, 11T, CW, 42MT DS-120

618.00 (excl. VAT)

Starter, replaces Delco Remy, 12V, 11T, CW, DD, Delco 42MT. With Overcrank Protection

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Parts for DS-120:
Armature: D-0130
Field coil: D-0224
Solenoid: D-0355 (overcrank protection)
Plunger: D-0364
Drive: 480321
Brush holder: D-0608
Brushes: D-0721 (4 pcs per starter)
Bushings: D-0804, D-0808 and D-0818
Repair kit: D-0962
Housing: D-0966

Additional information

Weight28 kg

10461062, 10461075, 10461185, 10461272, 10479080, 10479105, 10479161, 1990489, 323-873, 63256VL, 42-1075RM, MS2-510N, MS2-510RM, RM42-1075,; 6554, RE4275, DS-70, DS-120.