Welcome to BermanTec!

The company Berman Techniek has been around since 1980 and we are proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary this year. Since the start Berman has been the reliable choice for the maritime, shipping, heavy duty, agriculture machinery and transportation industry.

BermanTec was launched to create a one-stop-shop for alternators, starters, solenoids, electric motors, switches, and much more. Contact our Dutch or German office if you would like to talk to us or if you have any special request! We look forward helping you with your technical challenge!

The Berman Team

Our products

Our offering includes the heavy duty DelStar alternators from Dixie Electric. DelStar HD alternators have an innovative brushless design that in conjunction with their heavy-duty construction, are ideal for demanding applications in emergency vehicle, agricultural, mining, construction and marine applications. Their high efficiency means that more power is generated instead of producing wasteful heat.

We also supply the whole range of Prestolite Electric, which is a global manufacturer of alternators, starters, auxiliary electrical equipment and services to the transportation, industrial and military industry. Prestolite has a strong heritage dating back to 1911, and includes the Leece-Neville, Motorola, Butec and Lucas CAV brands, resulting in a long history of engineering excellence and innovative products.

Our product portfolio includes more than 1500 different starters and alternators for American applications such as AC Delco, Chrysler, Ford (Motorcraft) and Japanese applications such as Nippon Denso, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Nikko and Sawa Fuji. We are also the right place to go for Bosch or Mahle (Letrika/Iskra) in these segments.

Furthermore, our delivery program consists of Cole Hersee electromechanical, electronic, and digital switches and connectors, used in all sorts of heavy duty vehicles, pleasure boats, and construction equipment.

And last but not least, we are distributor of Elettrostart solenoids: electromagnets that are particularly appreciated for their superior performances in terms of both force and stroke (up to 50 mm) considering their relatively small sizes.

Would you have a technical challenge that is not covered, please contact us directly and we are happy to support you from our Dutch or German office!

BermanTec – gives you the right energy