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The company Berman Techniek has been around since 1980 and we are proud to celebrate our 41th anniversary this year. Since the start Berman has been the reliable choice for the maritime, shipping, heavy duty, agriculture machinery and transportation industry.

BermanTec was launched to create a one-stop-shop for alternators, starters, solenoids, electric motors, switches, and much more. Contact our Dutch or German office if you would like to talk to us or if you have any special request!
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How the Alternator got it's name

An alternator is in motion the moment the engine is running and doesn’t stop until it’s switched off. The alternator helps maintain the battery’s power level and performance output. Alternators are the core of every vehicle’s electrical system, including marine vessels, cars, and agricultural and construction machinery, just to mention a few.

It is the alternator that powers all the electrical components when the engine is running. A bad alternator can cause a host of problems throughout the entire electrical system, especially on modern vehicles loaded with technology.

Parts of the Alternator

Let’s first go through all the essential parts of an Alternator. We supply all the individual components mentioned below. If you need any assistance in selecting the appropriate component for your Alternator, contact us here. With expertise that spans over 40 years, we can point you in the right direction in no time.

Following our tech insight articles from February about the alternator (click here to read Part 1 and Part 2) we will now take a deep dive into starters. What exactly are starters and what functions do they perform in a motor? We also take a look at different types of starters and how they are applied in various industries.

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