Solenoids with over 50 years dedication to improvements

Compact size, remarkable strength, high reliability and a very competitive price sets Elettrostart solenoids apart from any competition.

The Elettrostart solenoids offer high performances both of force and stroke (up to 50 mm), especially when you take into account their fairly small size. The pull coil (intermittent duty) is able to guarantee a force greater than the traditional single coil electromagnets. The Elettrostart solenoids usually are used to stop and acceleration of diesel engines and are available in 12 and 24 volt versions. They can be used for short-term operation by using 1 pulling coil or for continuous operation by using 2 coils (1 pulling coil and1 holding coil). These solenoids can be used for construction  and in agriculture machinery as well as in industrial applications. Some are very suitable for use on ships.

Application Elettrostart


Dual coil solenoids have two windings. One as an intermittent-service pulling winding involved in the initial phase for approximately 150 ms, with the function of moving the plunger. The second as a continuous-service holding winding, with the function of maintaining the plunger in position.

For a proper operation of the solenoid, it’s indispensable for the plunger to reach the end of and to obtain the perfect adherence to the bottom.


The single coil Elettrostart solenoids are for intermittent duty providing high FORCE-STROKE pick-up.

These solenoids are used to stop diesel engines when energized by actuating the fuel supply lever. The solenoid is de-energized when the engine is running, only in the stop phase it’s energized and cutting off the fuel flow. Due to its high operating power the energized time must short, while the de-energized time between two energizing phases must be long enough for the solenoid to cool down.