Elettrostart Electromagnets for holding and lifting T30005-T100

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Electromagnets for holding and lifting. 24V. Force: 350KG, power: 23.8W, IP67 protection, ED 100%.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The electromagnetic holding force Fh (necessary for detaching the piece in a perpendicular direction to the electromagnetic surface) depends from the following factors:

  • • Magnetic gap between the electromagnet and the piece. The magnetic holding is maximum if the two surfaces are perfectly adherent and with minimum processing roughness. (magnetic gap zero). • Thickness of the piece to attract. The electromagnetic force is maximum if the thickness S is at least equal to the optimal one stated in the following diagrams and it is lower if the material is thiner.
  • • Material. The material must be ferromagnetic. With the same thickness and surface roughness in direct contact, the magnetic holding obtained between Iron Fe 35, Steel 60, Malleable Cast Iron, Grey Iron and High-Speed Steel diminishes respectively.
  • • Voltage. The voltage should not be less than 90% of the rated voltage. The following exemplifying tables and diagrams refer to the electromagnetic behaviour of Iron Fe35 flat pieces with a minimum roughness.

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T30005-T100, T30005T, T100


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