Hotstart Engine Heating EVRHEAT 2500W 240V NEMA PLUG EVR20-10252D11-N00

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EVR20 2500W 240V 110F 96


Hotstart introduces its latest innovation, the EVRHEAT Series 20 Heating System, designed for marine and power generation applications to maintain optimal temperatures for diesel and gas engines. This advanced range offers the following features:

  • Enhanced safety: The EVRHEAT Series 20 is equipped with a coolant fluid level detector and automatically shuts down heating to prevent dry fire hazards.
  • Extended service life: Built-in sensors continuously monitor coolant temperature, adjusting the heater unit’s function accordingly. This minimizes wear and tear, ensuring a service life of 10-15 years.
  • Power efficiency: By continuously regulating coolant temperature and activating or deactivating as needed, the EVRHEAT Series 20 conserves electricity. It is up to 45% more efficient than standard thermosiphon (TPS) and CTM heaters.
  • Water resistance: With an IP65 rating, the EVRHEAT Series 20 is effectively resistant to water, making it suitable for installations where water proximity is a concern.
  • Simplified installation and operation: Featuring a built-in adjustable swivel inlet hose barb, the EVRHEAT Series 20 can be easily installed in confined spaces. Indicator lights provide quick status information to the operating crew.
  • Certified: The EVRHEAT Series 20 is UKCA and UL certified, ensuring compliance with relevant safety standards.
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At a Glance Engine Readiness

Indicator lights offer real-time status updates of the heater, enabling users to quickly confirm its operation. This ensures engines remain within their optimized temperature range, facilitating smooth starts with reduced emissions.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

In the event of a fault condition, the heating system promptly detects the issue and deactivates to prevent damage. This minimizes heater downtime, repair costs, and warranty claims. Clear fault indicators on the display assist users in swiftly identifying and addressing issues in the field.

Quick Response Controls

The EVRHEAT Series 20 employs solid-state controls to react to fluid temperature changes as small as 1 °F, ensuring enhanced temperature consistency and eliminating bothersome low-temperature alarms.

Simplified Installation

Installation of the EVR20 is simplified with an adjustable 180° swivel inlet hose barb, accommodating plumbing requirements in confined areas and allowing for easier field retrofits.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The combination of solid-state temperature controls and a debris-resistant forced circulation pump results in an exceptionally durable engine heating solution. It boasts up to 45% greater efficiency compared to standard thermosiphon (TPS) heaters.

Efficiency & Performance

Efficiency is crucial. Engine heating systems provide essential benefits to organizations relying on onsite power generation. However, inefficient solutions can drain resources through excessive electrical costs and frequent repairs. Comparing the Hotstart EVRHEAT Series 20 to other models such as TPS, CB, and CTM can offer valuable insights into optimizing efficiency and performance.




– Phase: Single-phase
– Voltage: 120V | 280V | 240V
– Ingress: IP66
– Min./Max. Ambient Temp.: -31 – 113 °F (-35 – 45 °C)
– Certification: UL C/US Listed CE / UKCA
– Plug type: NEMA | Schuko | Uniterminated
– Cord Length: 8ft. or 2.4m
– Engine Displacement: Up to 20L

– Fluid Type: Water | Coolant mix (50% water/50% glycol)
– Heat Power: 1.4 kW | 1.9 kW | 2.5 kW
– Set Temp: 110 °F (43 °C)
– High Limit Temp: 167 °F (75 °C)
– Flow: 1.5 gpm @ 3.5 ft H2O (5.6781 L/min @ 1.067 m H2O)
– Inlet/Outlet: 0.625” (16 mm) hose barb 0.625” (16 mm) hose barb

Note: Additional inlet/outlet hose barb sizes are available.


Additional information

Weight2.5 kg






Engine Displacement

up to 20 L (1200 CID)

Cord Length

8in. (2.4 m)