Planetary gear kit K183710006S

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Drive shaft and gearbox assembly.

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Used on the following Prestolite starters:

  • M105R2002SE, M105R2010SE, M105R2011SE, M105R2012SE, M105R2022SE, M105R2052SE, M105R2501SE, M105R2502SE, M105R2503SE, M105R2510SE, M105R2511SE, M105R2512SE
  • M105R2513SE, M105R2515SE, M105R2516SE, M105R2517SE, M105R2518SE, M105R3001SE, M105R3002SE, M105R3002SE-A, M105R3003SE, M105R3004SE, M105R3005SE, M105R3006SE,
  • M105R3007SE, M105R3008SE, M105R3011SE, M105R3012SE, M105R3013SE, M105R3015SE, M105R3016SE, M105R3017SE, M105R3018SE, M105R3019SE, M105R3020SE, M105R3021SE
  • M105R3022SE, M105R3023SE, M105R3024SE, M105R3025SE, M105R3026SE, M105R3027SE, M105R3028SE, M105R3031SE, M105R3032SE, M105R3034SE, M105R3035SE, M105R3037SE, M105R3039SE, M105R3041SE, M105R3051SE, M105R3052SE, M105R3065SE, M105R3066SE, M105R3075SE, M105R3076SE, M105R3502SE, M105R3503SE, M105R3504SE, M105R3505SE, M105R3506SE, M105R3507SE, M105R3508SE, M105R3509SE, M105R3510SE

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Weight2 kg

K183710006S, 10006S


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