Sesco Spring Starter Original OEM SPRS-06

Max. force 95 NM (=Max. winding handle torque)

  • Energie (at pinion) 140 NM
  • Mechanical starter (spring starter) for diesel engines up to 18L size.
  • Rotation: Model SXC Clockwise, Model SXA Anti-Clockwise
  • Mounting: Flange mounted SAE1;SAE2;SAE3
  • Engine Capacity: 2.0 L/cycle, 6 cylinders maximum
  • 1.75 L/cycle, 8 cylinders maximum
  • Pinion type: 11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/stub, 11 to 13 teeth 6/8F/stub, 11 to 12 teeth 6/8F/stub, 11 to 13 teeth Mod 3
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Pinion to Flange Face: 47mm(Nominal)

  • Winding Handle Position: Variable in 8.5° increments
  • Number of Turns to Fully Wind: 2 turns to engage, further 15.5 turns to fully charge
  • Cold Start: Starting aid below 5°
  • Finish: Marine standard finish. Zinc-plated body and housings. Powder coated paint all over to withstand marine environment. Electroless nickel plated shaft and pinion.
  • The SPRS-06 starter is suitable for Diesel engines up to 18 Litres.
  • SPRS-06 is the first manually operated starter in the world, to be able to start an 18-Litre Diesel engine, which was deemed impossible. The SPRS-06 starter provided ship builders with a starter range that they could offer as a starting device in their ship, which was easy to install and could be operated on large engines which were coupled with emergency generators. As a result, the SPRS-06 is a popular starter within the ship building market.
  • The SPRS-06 is used in many applications including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Man, Perkins, Scania and Volvo.

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