About Prestolite Electric

We are proud to mention, that we have a very trustful relationship with our supplier Prestolite, which goes back to 1980. Since those days, we deliver excellent products (more than 40 Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) trust in Prestolite like Scania, MAN,  Iveco, Cummins, CAT, MTU and many others) and innovative products (1700 patents all over the years) to our clients, no matter on what applications they are needed.

Prestolite is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with strict quality adherence and units sold into the aftermarket are OEM quality

With a production of more than 700.000 units per year we got a big range of products and the opportunity to deliver in time.

Product range

Prestolite/Leece-Neville/Motorolla Alternators

Bermantec offers a wide range of alternators from Prestolite. The Prestolite alternators are products for many different applications such as: automotive to heavy commercial trucks and buses, construction, agricultural markets, off-road equipment and marine.

Prestolite/Leece-Neville Starters

Bermantec offers a wide range of Prestolite reliable, high-quality starters with a long service life. Applied to commercial vehicles on the highway and off-road worldwide. It doesn't matter whether your starter is used on a diesel engine or an electric ignition engine - there is always a customer-oriented and suitable solution available.

Handraulic Starter system

The Prestolite Handraulic Starter system uses a combination of pneumatic and hydraulic principles to store and release energy for starting the engine. The essential parts are connected by high pressure hoses. The starter unit is attached to the free end of the engine with a mounting bracket and the engine dog is attached to the crankshaft with a suitable adapter.