The Prestolite Handraulic Starter System

Bermantec is a supplier of The Prestolite Handraulic Starter system, which uses a combination of pneumatic and hydraulic principles to store and release energy for starting the engine.

The essential parts are connected by high pressure hoses. The starter unit is attached to the free end of the engine with a mounting bracket and the engine dog is attached to the crankshaft with a suitable adapter.

The heart of the starter is the hydraulic accumulator, which includes a cylinder closed at each end, in which a leak-proof piston can slide freely. Above the piston, the cylinder is pre-filled with nitrogen to a pressure of approximately 200 bar and permanently sealed. Under these conditions, the piston rests at the base of the cylinder.

By operating the hand pump, hydraulic fluid is drawn from the supply tank and pumped into the accumulator under the piston until the piston has moved enough to increase the nitrogen and fluid pressures to approximately 310 bar.

The starter contains two opposing cylinders, each with a common pinion gear. This pinion has bevel teeth on one side. During start, this drives the engine dog with “fitting” teeth. This is attached to the crankshaft of the engine.

Two helical grooves engage and impart forward axial movement to the pinion to affect its engagement with the engine dog, with positive engagement maintained by the helical tooth shape of the pinion and racks (cylindrical gears).

By operating the handle of the relay valve, high pressure hydraulic fluid is directed to the racks of the starter unit, causing the pinion to contact the engine dog and giving the engine crankshaft high speed.

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