Delstar Alternators

Alternators from DelStar series offer outstanding charging characteristics combined with an innovative, carbonless design. This means a longer service life, which corresponds to today’s maintenance intervals of modern engines, and at the same time an early start of charging in combination with a high power output even at low speeds, which makes our DelStar alternator series unique.

Optionally available with built-in or separate regulator and with an air intake cap to draw fresh air from a colder point to cool the generator by means of a hose.

161 Series This is the smallest and most compact series with the technical characteristics of the larger series, namely brushless and two coils for the magnetic field. Available in 12Volt – 200A and 24 Volt from 125A – 160A.

170 Series This series is also appreciated for its compact dimensions, but here – with the exception of the 24V – 170A version – a so-called “hairpin” stator is used in addition to the features from the 160 series to enable a higher power output. Available in 12 Volt – 350A, 24 Volt – 170 to 240A with a J-180 and PAD mount attachment. Only the 24 volt – 170A version has a conventional stator.

180 Series The most popular series. 12 volts – 350A and 435A, 24 volts – 200A, 250A and 265A. In addition to the J-180 and PAD-Mount versions, there are also versions with the European T1 mounting, optionally clamping device 60 ° right or left.

250 Series The latest series. This version performs in 12 volt – 430A with a 7 inch mounting foot. In 24 volt – 320A optionally with a J-180 mounting, 7-inch mounting foot and as T1 mounting, optionally with a clamping device 60 ° right or left.

300 Series Available in 24 volts – 330A and 400A. This DelStar alternator is supplied with a saddle attachment and a shaft with multiple teeth.
This corresponds to the Delco 50DN assembly. Now also available with built-in controller.

400 Series This is the largest DelStar alternator available with an output of 24 volts – 550A. The assembly and drive correspond to those of the 300 series.

DelStar Alternators designed to be used with Mastervolt regulator Alpha PRO III. Series 161, 170, 180, 250, 300 and 400 all have been adjusted to work with a Mastervolt regulator.