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In this monthly newsletter of BermanTec we would like to inform you about our newest products, the latest technical insights, interesting exhibitions and our wide range of professional, high-quality products. In this January mailing, we would like to put the Prestolite handraulic starter system in the spotlights.

Prestolite Handraulic Starter system: reliability is what counts

Bermantec offers the full range Prestolite Handraulic Starter systems and spare parts. These starter systems use a combination of pneumatics and hydraulics to deliver pressures of up to approximately 310 bar with which a diesel engine can reliably be started.

Because of their extreme reliability Prestolite Handraulic systems are commonly used in safety and time critical applications. They are widely used as an emergency backup starter system. In some cases, the system is also used as the primary engine starter. The reliability of their design has been well proven over many decades.


Prestolite Handraulic Starter System can typically be found in ship’s emergency generator sets, lifeboat engines or hydraulic and fire pump engines on offshore platforms. They can be used with diesel engines ranging from approximately 1.5 litre capacity and 2 or 3 cylinders up to V12 engines with a 27litre capacity and can be used irrespectively of the number of the engine’s cylinders.

The starter systems come in two sizes: B35G8 & B50G53 that can be fitted on engines of 70 to 160mm bore diameter. The starter drives the engine crankshaft via an adaptor mounted to the crank pulley. This makes the system ideal for engines that require a second starting system but lack a second starter pocket. Prestolite Handraulic Starter Systems work with a wide range of diesel engines from all major manufacturers such as Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and more.

Prestolite Electric: a proud heritage of quality and innovation.

Bermantec take pride in our long-lasting relationship with Prestolite Electric, which goes back to 1980. Prestolite has a well-deserved reputation for its strict adherence to the highest quality standards a long history of engineering excellence and innovative products. The company manufactures alternators, starters and auxiliary electrical equipment for the logistics, maritime, military and industrial application.

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