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In this monthly newsletter of BermanTec we would like to inform you about our newest products, the latest technical insights, interesting exhibitions and our wide range of professional, high-quality products. In this February mailing, we would like to put the Elettrostart Stopmagnets  in the spotlights.

Elettrostart Solenoids:
durable, reliable, and affordable

Elettrostart solenoids are known for their durability, reliability, and excellent quality at attractive prices. Bermantec offers the full Elettrostart solenoid range as well as accessories. Because we sell and ship our solenoids directly from our warehouse in Rotterdam, we can ensure delivery to almost any Europe destination within few days.

Optionally Elettrostart solenoids can be connected using a standard M5, M6 and M8 threaded rod. All this makes them a very attractive and affordable alternative for such major brands like Kubota, Iveco, Cummins and Woodward.

A wide range of applications

The most common function is the ‘’switch on and off’’. These solenoids are available in 12V and 24V versions. They are often used to control and cut off the fuel supply to an engine. Our magnetic switches are often used in shipping to operate bow thrusters, in agriculture, in industrial applications or in other situations that require the highest standards of reliability. Other applications include door locking systems. We also offer a version for continuous operation, which is equipped with a second holding coil and is therefore able to hold the piston in position. For use near water, we have special isolated versions available.

Attractive new possibilities

A recent addition to our range are the 24 V solenoids that can be used as electromagnets that can lift and hold up to 350 Kg under optimal conditions. This creates an entirely new range of innovative, industrial applications for our customers.

The highest standards at affordable prices

C.E.I. “Costruzioni Elettromagnetiche Industriali” represents a fine tradition of high-quality Italian manufacturing. Over the course of more than 50 years the company has specialized its activities to the design and production of electromagnets, solenoid valves and holding electromagnets for industrial and other applications. The company’s commitment to quality and its innovative approach to manufacturing as well as its attractive price point have established the brand as a worldwide leader in its class.

See our whole range of C.E.I. spare parts and products here.

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