Starter, 12V, 10T, CW, 38MT DS-149

Starter, replaces Delco Remy, 12V, 10T, CW, PLGR, Delco 38MT-version, 4.6kW
used on Cummins applications.
When replacing Delco 8200077 and 8300024 mount relay on left hand side as viewed from
the rear, when replacing Delco 8200235 mount relay on right hand side as viewed from
the rear.

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Solenoid for DS-149: D-0384
Gear for DS-149: D-0450
Clutch assembly for DS-149: D-0447

Additional information

Weight15 kg

06936515, 3965281, 10461002, 19026031, 8200023, 8200077, 8200235, 8201039, ; 8300024, 6809