Delstar alternator 24V/255A 100-18228

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DelStar, 24Volt, 24V, 265A, Insulated, Brushless, 180-Series, High-output, Coach, Transit, Buses, High-efficiency, Emergency vehicles, Agricultural, Industrial, Construction, T1, T1 mount, Left mounting, internal regulator.

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Weight22.5 kg

100-18228, 10018228, 0-120-689-534,0-120-689-547, 0-120-689-555,
0-120-689-556, 0-120-689-558, 0-120-689-578, 5010347851, 0081549902, 0120689534, 0120689547, 0120689555, 0120689556, 0120689558, 0120689578, 5010347851, 0120689547


For professional use only. Due to the enormous power output of these high-performance alternators and the associated technical knowledge of the user for flawless operation, we only quote to companies and professional users. For this purpose, your official company details are necessary.


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